Are Your Seo Efforts Optimising For Bing And Could Bing Take Google Down?

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Relax! Don’t get tunnel vision about the content of your content! Your followers want to know more than what’s going on in your office. Keep an eye on the world news, current affairs, trending topics, new films, music, and new products. This list is literally endless and it’s a sea of interesting stuff your followers will want to read about. Think outside of the box with some interesting posts by being a leader not a blatant, blind follower.

Always add fresh content to your website. Static content is the death of any website. Search engine robots, not to mention human readers, love fresh content on a website. Thus, you should employ a few SEO strategies to feed your website with fresh content, on a daily basis if necessary. One great way of doing this is maintaining a blog or a news section on your website, or by subscribing to automatic newsfeeds.

Use a conversational tone. A great way to let Google know you’re serious about your rankings is to use a tone that appears to be conversational in nature. Write your articles as if you were talking to your readers. Ask them questions about their problems. If they feel like you are talking to them, they will appreciate your articles much more. The search engines are leaning towards this new way of writing.

SEO news Most marketers aren’t spending money to send traffic to their Facebook. The larger majority send paid traffic to their website. Think about it, why would I want to pay to send traffic to my Facebook profile where there are several chances for the visitor to leave my profile and not convert into a lead? Facebook is an easily distracted environment. Your website is engaging and focuses on one thing: your niche. No random IM requests, no Farmville to take care of, no “which celebrity do I resemble?” quizzes. Having a website with keyword rich, optimized content is required if you want to maximize your return on investment.

By having fresh contents in your blog, you can lure in new visitors every day. Links are also encouraged to put on your blog so you can make it more attractive in an SEO effort. With this, your blogs can be seen in different web pages or blogs without spending a cent. By just having continuous fresh and interesting blog postings, you can make a huge difference.

In the case of seo content tips you must ensure that the text that is contained in the title text of the page is also within the body of the page. You will not get effective results if you do not use the keywords that are present in the title text in the body of the page. It is wise to use your keywords throughout the page and balance their usage accordingly. A good place to use them is once or twice in the body at the top of your article and also in the sub headings.

Do not overlook the search engine guidelines. It is amazing how many people ignore the guidelines put out there, for free, by the folks at the major search engines. These guides tell you what to do or not do for your page to be ranked by their engine. Don’t ignore this free advice!

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