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From corporates to individuals eco friendly gallon bags Friendly Stationery encourages the use of organic stationery items and in the process generated more livelihoods, reduced carbon emission, and saved electricity. For individuals who are looking to make a lifestyle change, standard dishwashing detergents should be the first thing to go. In the face of climate change, many consumers are considering the consequences of their shopping habits. If you’re still doing last minute Christmas shopping like me, then today’s simple paper bag gift wrap post is perfect for you. With climate change on the rise, droughts and extreme weather becoming all the more common, and signs of environmental degradation all around us, it is more important than ever to make smart, eco-friendly choices with your shopping dollars and the products you buy. With this in mind, I wouldn’t buy stuff from companies who tell you that these products are easily composted at home. I’d feel better about buying products from companies like NatureWorks or Nature’s Bottles, who are honest from the start, i.e. they tell you you need a commercial facility. Many of the clothes we wear contain plastics like polyester, nylon and acrylic.

Recycled and reconstructed materials are being created to look like granite counter tops. Some of the guidelines aimed at marketing “green” products include ensuring that all claims of a product being degradable need to be qualified. Are There Guidelines for “Green” Products? There are many companies that claim to have products that are safe for the environment, and the “green” movement certainly extends to commercial cleaning products. The leaves undergo a cleaning process, which is accomplished through pressurized water and further soaked in spring water to remove the impurities. The main green cleaning products to use are; vinegar, soap, baking soda lemon juice and water. Jezienicki also recommends washing with cold water and drying for less time to ensure carbon and energy savings. When it comes to simple solutions, Jezienicki says her favorite kinds of swaps provide elegant solutions that get you out of a wasteful system. With some simple alterations, the box turns into a beautiful dollhouse, serving as a keepsake along with the dress. It’s a large facility where compost reaches 140 degrees for ten consecutive days. If a company is marketing a biodegradable product as easily biodegradable in your home compost it’s a greenwashing tactic with no evidence to back it up.

According to an excellent 2006 Smithsonian article advocates of corn made plastic, (PLA) note that it’s 100% biodegradable, and that’s true, but the piece also notes that PLA will only decompose into carbon dioxide and water in a “controlled composting environment.”And those are biodegradability standards developed in part by Steven Mojo, executive director of the Biodegradable Products Institute. According to Earth 911, during a 2001 study from the University of Arizona, researchers, “Excavated 21 landfills across North America and reported finding hundreds of undecomposed hot dogs, corn starch and lettuce dating back to the 1960s. They also found 2,425 newspapers – still readable – that were essentially used to date the food.” If organic matter isn’t even decomposing in a landfill, it’s very unlikely that a “biodegradable plate” will decompose. Compost-friendly items is basically organic matter that easily breaks down. Biodegradable items simply tossed in with normal recycling is not consider efficient and may even screw up the entire recycling stream.

Furthermore the Biodegradable Products Institute notes that “Uncontrolled biodegradation in a landfill can cause ground water pollution, methane gas emissions and unstable sub-soil conditions.” So, if you’re tossing that biodegradable plate you may be causing a lot of harm without meaning to. Biodegradable products are made from plants and also result in significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions due to their less taxing manufacturing process. Let’s face it, many existing companies make claims that their products are safe for the environment and safe for consumers. The Federal Trade Commission has set guidelines for green marketing based on consumers and advocacy groups to decide on a set of guidelines that will promote fairness and accuracy in the fair marketing green products. Those guidelines aim to reduce the broad or ambiguous statements declaring products are “safe” for the environment or environmentally friendly. Do biodegradable products break down in a landfill… Even the Biodegradable Products Institute notes that NOTHING biodegrades in a landfill because nothing is supposed to. There are numerous clothing companies that pride themselves on either using recycled products or fewer resources in their manufacturing. Is there a commercial composting plant near you? Most likely there is not a commercial composting plant near you.

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