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As any local will also tell, Vancouver is a true food destination that goes beyond our top-quality sushi and you certainly won’t be disappointed. For more delicious food, check out the best food in Vancouver page or our neighbourhood guidebooks. For a final stop of Vietnamese food in Vancouver, choose Bun Cha Ca Hoang Yen. Try their Special Fish Cake Soup (Bun Cha Ca Dac Biet #24) brimming not only with fish cake but also with tofu, tomatoes, garlic, dill and other herbs. Also take their Special Crab Cake Soup pho (Bun Rieu #23)which sports pork, shrimps and tofu.

  • For a final stop of Vietnamese food in Vancouver, choose Bun Cha Ca Hoang Yen.
  • During happy hour, from 4pm – 6pm daily, you can enjoy Caesars for $3.50 each.
  • Add this to our renowned attentive, personal service and it’s easy to see why Kirin Restaurants are praised by critics as one of the best premium Chinese dining experiences in North America.
  • The space features two distinct dining rooms with very different feels, separated by a stunning bar.

Their “Avo on Toast” features a whole avocado spread across two pieces of buttered sourdough toast and will do your perfect Vancouver breakfast. Tojo schooled himself as a chef in his native Japan, and moved to Vancouver in 1971, at the time a part of the world that was largely a stranger to sushi. You would be right to blame chef Tojo as the one person who made eating raw fish popular across North America. Downtown Vancouver’s sister restaurants Miku and Minami are the perfect spots to devour some authentic, Aburi-style sushi. In 2008, Miku first introduced the Aburi cooking practice to Vancouver, which means the sushi gets flame-torched and its taste is distinctively changed.

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Their ramen is always fresh as is their fantastic garlic chips. Don’t miss Marutama’s signature creamy chicken broth if you visit here. Asian food gems are abundant enough in Vancouver, and The Rise Eatery is another strong nod to that.

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We’re very much looking forward to hosting wine dinners with local wine producers, as well as with some iconic Italian producers. We’ve also already been approached to host functions showcasing what we do at Miantiao and co-brand them with some internationally recognized brands. While we’re showcasing the best products of Italy and China, the bulk of the products used in the kitchen are from local growers and producers. We support independent artisan farmers, and our meat and seafood purveyors focus on the best of British Columbia. We’re proud to be serving the best ingredients from our backyard. We also have the luxury of having our own family farm to raise animals for our specific needs. We raise our own beef, pork, chickens, lamb, and more for special off-menu features. In recognition of the dining habits of all Vancouverites, the Diners’ Choice Awards have been created for the public to share their valued opinion on the best locations for Taiwanese and regional Chinese cuisine.

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Located on the beach, this restaurant also offers a seasonal concession. Situated inside the VanDusen Botanical Garden, Truffles Café offers a stunning view. Dine at one of the park’s restaurants while enjoying views of the ocean and the ambience of the forest. Grab a quick snack, beverage, or specialty coffee while you get information about the park. The perfect stop for a snack or a full meal before or after riding the Stanley Park train or visiting the Aquarium. This is a place to go for burgers and drinks, the other food is mediocre. Oh, the nachos substituted with Doritos is bloody amazing as well!

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Savory delicious dishes has won the hearts of many local customers who come back regularly and frequently. Food is so universal that we crave for different things at different times. We like certain things one way and something else another way. We apply the same principles to restaurants and we are picky when we have to decide where to eat and what to eat. At we are trying to answer that question by listing details on the restaurants, menu, location, cuisine, map, payment types accepted and many other equally important facts.

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At Mamalee, you can opt-in between Hainanese Chicken Laksa Noodle, Hainanese Chicken Noodle Soup and Hainanese Chicken Chilli Sauce. was sold on the streets of New York by a German immigrant, somewhere around the year 1870. However, Vancouver’s tastiest hot dog is neither German or American. Japadog is a hot dog business started in 2005 by a Japanese couple who have moved to Canada. They have one store downtown Vancouver along Robson Street as well as few more hot dog trailers where you can buy some of their signature Terimayo Hot Dog with Teriyaki sauce, mayo and seaweed. For such a compact city, Vancouver has a vibrant food scene where there are SO many great restaurants and dishes to munch on.

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