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But, we have an idea or two about what they watch. Not exactly. But somehow, even though I write regularly about sexual politics, the idea of writing about porn in the daytime seemed … So why, then, do we still start stammering and blushing (even hours past deadline, when we’ve had half a bottle of cab) when the discussion turns to women watching porn? Last Saturday night, I spent three hours in a video conferencing session with 45 strangers, watching a man in a sailor hat enthusiastically eating ass. But if you even allude to the fact that a woman’s solo sexual pleasure might include watching two actors have best live sex Sites with each other for money, the discussion gets awkward. I’m a woman who has sex. Most of GaryVee’s posts are just variations on the same message: work harder, stop doing a job you hate, you can do it, look at me I’m GaryVee. Clearly, there’s a narrative about how women are supposed to pleasure themselves.

Either you think porn is an evil force oppressing women the world over, or it’s a source of empowerment for our entire gender. It’s a matter of preference. We might not be into the same stuff, but we don’t think it’s shameful or web cam live sex free gross. By and large, our organization within 1000 that might be almost a few times his or her’s closest to competitors. And I’ll confess, I required a few glasses of wine to loosen up, first. In the first episode of the original 9-1-1, we are introduced to a diverse cast of characters from different backgrounds, many of whom are dealing with their own social issues. And academics and public-health experts agree: Women who masturbate are happy and healthy and more sexually fulfilled. Going through the “ten Instagram accounts every entrepreneur should follow,” it’s more of the same junk. It’s going to cost you. Of course, there were some big successes out of the Pittsburgh startup ecosystem, but the vast majority of people in the accelerators and community were strugglepreneurs: people building businesses going nowhere quickly that felt they were accomplishing something because they were struggling. I went through a startup accelerator when I was in college, something I’ve written about from other angles here and here, and one thing that stood out to me is how many people in the entrepreneurial community were working on businesses going nowhere slowly.

Oh yes and if you are going to email your auditions to me I do have one rule no RAR Folders as I can’t open them. If you’re looking at motivational quotations on Instagram while squatting over the toilet, that’s not going to solve your creative roadblock. It’s worth making a distinction here: I’m not saying you shouldn’t work hard, or that starting a business isn’t hard, I’m saying you shouldn’t fetishize struggling, and you definitely shouldn’t waste your time on consuming quasi-motivational struggle porn that makes you feel bad about how hard you’re not working. Struggle porn gives you a sense of progress if you feel like you’re failing. It’s a vanity metric: just as how many Twitter followers you have is a poor measure for the vitality of your business, the amount you’re struggling isn’t a good measure of how much you’re learning and progressing. It’s not that I’m embarrassed to talk about porn.

This is strange! It’s 2012. Many, many women watch porn. But, the public conversation about women and porn is reduced to a stuffy pro-and-con debate. She had a previous marriage, kids from that marriage, but, love is love, I learned to look past it. You don’t need to look at metrics like revenue because you know you’ve been working hard, and that guy on Instagram said that’s what it takes. And most women certainly know other women who do. The debate leaves little daylight for individual women to ask themselves the most important question: What turnsyou on? As if there’s a way to determine if anything is unilaterally good or bad for all women everywhere. But the broader takeaway is to avoid focusing on bad proxies for success. In this way, struggling and hustling become success proxies unsuccessful people can brag about to give themselves the dopamine hit they would otherwise get from, you know, actually succeeding at something.

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